Looking for work

magic items

added magic item for elven ranger in campaign http://www.obsidianportal.com/character/54056

OK trying to get the hang of all this wiki stuff try this Inferno Bow

getting started

Ok, a note to everyone wanting to get started. Here’s what I have so far. Frank – Shifter, Rogue Brennan – Elf, Ranger Jason – Warforged, Paladin Dave ?

Of course this is up to everyone and can change as needed. I’m not sure how well this site will work for what we are doing but I’m willing to give it a shot and see how it goes.

For the next time we get together, how ‘bout everyone have a character ready. Doesn’t HAVE TO be the one you plan on using for the campaign and can change if needed. If you don’t get a character made before hand we can whip one up right away. Then I’d like to fumble through the rules to see if we can get the hang of this 4th ed thing. Maybe do a simple quick dungeon crawl sans DM screen.

Also everyone that posts backgrounds here or at least writes them out and gives them to me, will start out with a magic item as a reward.


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